3 years ago

Upgrading To 5.5 From 5.1

Posted 3 years ago by saimiris

Hi there,

I created a Laravel 5.1 web app in 2015 and now I would like to upgrade it to the latest version. The problem is that, after reading the 5.1-to-5.2, 5.2-to-5.3 and 5.3-to-5.4 guides, I realized that this would be a lot of work! I am now then considering waiting for the 5.5 release as it will be a LTS one (like the 5.1 was).

My question is then: will the Laravel guys create a 5.1-to-5.5 guide, which would make a lot of sense since many people will want this upgrade (from LTS to LTS)?

It will probably be simpler to start from a fresh 5.5 new install and to import our controllers, models, views and config files to the new version. But Laravel should then provide us a guide listing all of the possible fails.

Best regards.

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