2 years ago

Upgrading to 5.4: Why does Laravel Invent it's own urls ?? !!

Posted 2 years ago by vincej

Everything worked great in 5.1 - now I don't understand what is going on.

Within the Logincontroller I have a function:

 protected function redirectTo()
        $user = User::find($id);
        if($user->user_group == '0') {
            return '/dashboard';
       return 'portal/contractor_account';


If I am returning to the '/dashboard' it decides that it will go to 'Home'.

Crazier still, if I have a user which needs to return to 'portal/contractor_account' Laravel decides that it will invent it's own URL :

Route [portal.contractor_account.update] not defined.

NO Where have I specified an "update" route ! Why is 5.4 taking control over my app like it's Microsoft ?

Second question - where in the heck are all the routes stored from Route::Auth(); ??

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