2 years ago

Upgrading a messy 4.2 app to 5.4

Posted 2 years ago by meath

I have inherited a very messy Laravel 4.2 / Angular app - it has an inconsistent, sometimes surprising API; there are no tests; controller are fat and full of procedural code; models are being used more like repositories with special-purpose queries, and none of Eloquent's features are being utilised.

My preference is to do a complete rewrite to 5.4 and not copy a single line of the 4.2 app code into the new app, but I will need to continue to support and maintain the 4.2 app until end of life. My fear is that the current 4.2 app will fall out of step with the developing 5.4 version.

Does anyone here have any similar experience and thoughts they can share?

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