1 year ago

Update Validation

Posted 1 year ago by Nosean

Hey Guys,

i have a question about update validation:

My Code:

´´´ public function update(Article $article) {

    $data = $this->validate(request(), [
        'article_name' => 'required',
        'article_description' => 'required|max:255',
        'article_number' => 'required',
        'article_nettoprice' => array([
        'article_tax_id' => 'required',
        'article_bruttoprice' => 'numeric|between:0.00, 999999.99',
        'article_unit_id' => 'required',
        'article_selfprice' => 'numeric|between:0.00, 999999.99'


    Session::flash('message', 'Artikel erfolgreich aktualisiert');
    return back();


When I pass an invalid number of article_nettorprice (80,011ll) I get the following SQL error message:

SQLSTATE[01000]: Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column 'article_nettoprice' at row 1 (SQL: update articles set article_nettoprice = 80.04gg, updated_at = 2018-08-19 08:21:31 where id = 6)

Ok my question:

why I will not be back in the validation on the previous page with the note net price wrong.

Thank you

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