Trying to create a new homestead installation I keep getting "A VirtualBox machine with the name 'homestead-7' already exists"

Posted 1 year ago by robjbrain

I've been fighting with Homestead all day, initially I was trying to update it due to Laravel's 5.6 updated php version, but I couldn't get the new php versions to be included. I spent way too long trying and eventually decided to try and delete everything and re-install homestead but for some reason I can't seem to do that, when it looks like it's all gone I can't vagrant up because I get the error that "A VirtualBox machine with the name 'homestead-7' already exists."

It would take too long to list every single thing i've tried, but the gist of the stage i'm at now is this:

First make sure everything is deleted, the folder structure has changed a few times so i've had to delete folders in a few different places.

rm -rf ~/Vagrant/Homestead rm -rf ~/Homestead rm -rf ~/.homestead

Now double check that there's nothing listed in vagrant global-status. Earlier in the day there where things listed so I destroyed them all manually using vagrant destroy <theid>.

So now i'm at a position where vagrant global-status says there are absolutely no Vagrant environments and all the above listed directories are deleted.

I then follow the instructions in the docs:

  1. vagrant box add laravel/homestead
  2. git clone ~/Homestead
  3. cd ~/Homestead
  4. bash
  5. Make some changes to Homestead.yaml adding a custom domain and the folder mapping.
  6. vagrant up

This is when I get the error:

vagrant up

Bringing machine 'homestead-7' up with 'virtualbox' provider...

==> homestead-7: Importing base box 'laravel/homestead'...

==> homestead-7: Matching MAC address for NAT networking...

==> homestead-7: Checking if box 'laravel/homestead' is up to date...

A VirtualBox machine with the name 'homestead-7' already exists.

Please use another name or delete the machine with the existing name, and try again.

and if I do vagrant global-status then sure enough one does exist, but it's exactly the location i'm in and exactly the box I am trying to bring up!

id name provider state directory

4fa8fae homestead-7 virtualbox poweroff /Users/rob/Homestead

I have no idea what's going at this point. I've tried 3 times to destroy that box and do the steps again but every single time the same thing happens.

I can't seem to access the box that supposedly exists and I can't seem to add a new box.

Can anyone help?

What's the correct way to completely wipe everything and start again with homestead?

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