Trouble accessing an array

Posted 1 year ago by gregghoush

I am attempting to use Rob Brazier's Laravel-Piwik package to grab information from my Piwik install. I have this code to get visits to blog posts in the past week. It gives me an object, which contains an array, which is made up of objects.

        $visits = Piwik::getActions();
        $visits = $visits->getPageUrls(['period' => 'week', 'expanded' => '1', 'segment' => '']);
        //$visits = $visits->subtable[0];

This works, it gets me the object and the dd shows it to me.

Here is the object it gives me:

If I uncomment the commented out line there I get this error: Trying to get property "subtable" of non-object.

How do I access that array "subtable"? I would like to loop through it with a foreach.

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