2 years ago

Token Mismatch with vue-dropzone

Posted 2 years ago by rjarrard

If someone could help I would be most appreciative. I'm using vue-dropzone ^2.0.0 and Laravel 5.4.

I have the drag-and-drop portion working fine, but I always get a TokenMismatchException, even though I'm using the right token.

Here is the html:

<dropzone id="myVueDropzone" 
        <input type="hidden" name="csrf-token" :value="csrfToken">

I've tried the name "_token" and "token" as well.

the data:

csrfToken: document.head.querySelector('meta[name="csrf-token"]').content,
csrfHeader: {
        'X-CSRF-TOKEN': document.head.querySelector('meta[name="csrf-token"]').content},

Vue toolbar says I have the right stuff:

csrfHeader: Object
csrfToken: "sVZ9px6OnXtQ6zdjYJ12yG7YmM6bYlidezTjJk9P"

I drag, it creates the upload, then gives me the exception

TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 68:

This setup is straight out of the docs. Is anyone familiar with this? I can share network info from the network tab if that would be helpful, or if you see some glaring error.

This seems more of a Laravel issue, but I could have put this in the Vue channel.

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