3 years ago

Token + Domain Authentication?

Posted 3 years ago by xdega

So I began working on my very first API-First web app project. I have managed to get basic token authentication working, with a separate "token" table for managing API tokens, but I have a problem.

Currently, the URL request works as such: http://localhost/api/v1/?api_token={token}

This is nice, but what I want to do, is have the authentication require TWO parameters, i.e: http://localhost/api/v1/?domain={domain}&api_token={token}

In other words, I don't simply want a user to be able to authenticate by using ANY valid key in the token table. I want them to authenticate using a valid Domain:Key pair (the token table contains both domain and key fields).

I looked around and couldn't find anything that specifically tells me how to make this amendment to the HTTP basic auth. I would rather not deep edit the Laravel code. What is the best way for me to go ahead and accomplish this?

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