1 year ago

To send multiple PDF attachment in single mail

Posted 1 year ago by Niyaz

Hi previously I have been doing adding single attachment in an email but now i need to do it as multiple Pdf attachments in a single mail

This is my code

$pdf = PDF::loadView('pdf.request', ['request' => $data]);
            $sendData = array(
                'data'  => $data
            $response = Mail::send('emails.appro_email_template', $sendData, function ($message) use ($pdf, $sendData) {
                $message->from($sendData['data']->email, $sendData['data']->name);
                $message->to($sendData['data']->email, $sendData['data']->name);
                $message->subject('form approval');
                $message->attachData($pdf->output(), $sendData['data']->unit_no."_request.pdf");

can anyone tell me do it for multiple attachment Suggest me as i can use for loop or the something else, if so please guide me

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