$this->authorize() does not work in controller

Posted 11 months ago by sork

I have created OfferPolicy class to provide authorization to resource action in Offer model. i have followed below steps:

create OfferPolicy.

php artisan make:policy OfferPolicy --model=Offer

register OfferPolicy in AuthServiceProvider

protected $policies = [
        Offer::class => OfferPolicy::class        

update policy in OfferPolicy class

public function update(User $user, Offer $offer)
        return $user->id == $offer->user_id;


public function update(Request $request, Offer $offer)
        $this->authorize('update', $offer);

    return redirect()->route('offers.index')

when I am trying to update an offer, below error is coming.

Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ AccessDeniedHttpException
This action is unauthorized.

Anyone can help me on this problem, did i forget anything?

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