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Posted 1 month ago by successdav

I have read a lot of articles and have tried a lot of options but none is working.

I got a new machine, install homestead and laravel, pull my project from github, I run npm install, then composer install, then composer update and npm update, it later shows they are some vulnerabilities with my project so I run npm audit fix --force.

created my .env file, configured my database then I run php artisan key:generate followed by php artisan migrate and the migrate went smoothly without errors. Open the project on the browser and it loads fine but when I try to login it keeps showing this error

The page has expired due to inactivity.

Please refresh and try again.

I have verified and the @csrf token is in place, I have run all of the cache:clear, view:clear, route:clear, composer dump-autoload but none is working.

none of the forms are even working, login, register, comments, none of them are working.

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