4 years ago

The future of the command bus

Posted 4 years ago by johannesz

I currently started on a new project, and didn't want to use the often suggested solution of using repositories and services to seperate the logic from the controllers and models. Instead I started to use the command bus, and use commands for my logic. The thing is though, that the command bus isn't documented anymore in the master docs of laravel. Beyond that, the Command class seems to be used for the artisan commands only. I think the command bus of this version is refactored into "Jobs"? (see the Queue section of the master docs). The thing is, that I do not want to use the command bus, if I can't upgrade later because the base classes have been refactored?

Is there any information on this topic? I didn't find any. I also browsed a few commits on github, but couldn't find anything pointing me into the right direction.

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