Testing controller, null value passed to store method has nullable validation rule but still fails

Posted 11 months ago by procell

I've seen a couple threads that ask much the same question, and I've tried the solutions for those issues, but I'm still running into a problem.

I'm testing the store method for a controller by posting an array of data to it. I pass it null for a scheduled_for array key in the test. The store method on the controller accepts a StoreModelRequest Form Request, and inside that, I have a rules array that declares scheduled_for => 'nullable|date|after:now rules.

When I'm testing, this rule is failing with the custom message You need to schedule this for a future date and time. When I'm submitting this form via the application's UI and pass scheduled_for a value of null, the after:now rule passes, as I expect it to.

I have ->nullable() in the model's table schema for the scheduled_for column. I have tried to use the sometimes validation rule alongside the nullable validation rule inside the StoreModelRequest Form Request, and this doesn't make a difference.

I'm using Laravel 5.6.

What could be causing this?

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