Testing API - $request->get() returns null

Posted 2 years ago by alexleonard

So I'm building up a small internal API for an app which will be used by Angular and am trying to write tests for it.

Previously I had setup a normal, non-api version of a simple user create/store, and everything works as normal there, and I can use $request->get() without issue.

public function store(UserRequest $request, User $user)

With an associated test using $this->call() I get the string dumped out as normal

but in my api, test, if I do $this->json(), suddenly $request->get() just returns null. eg

            'status' => 'active',
            'first_name' => 'FirstName',
            'last_name' => 'LastName',

I can still access the parameter by doing say $request->status instead of $request->get('status'), but feels a bit weird.

I had read somewhere that I was going to need to set my enctype on ajax POSTs to multipart/form-data but trying to override the json method from Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\MakesHttpRequests seemed to cause other weird issues.

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