2 months ago

Telescope keeps scanning on production subdomain with entries in DB

Posted 2 months ago by man-u-l

When in local environment Telescope works as expected, when I moved to production telescope saves the entries in the database but in the browser it keeps scanning and entries never load.

I have Laravel installed in a subdomain with SSL working.

In safari when I look at the network tab and reload the page I get an error for loading the entries:

xhr failed to load resource: The network connection was lost

If I open the page in FireFox the entries load fine but they dont auto load, I have to manually refresh the page to see new entries.

I have uninstalled Telescope, installed it again, clear the DB tables of all the entries and nothing seems to work.

This is under Laravel 7.1.3 and Telescope 3.1

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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