Syntax error, unexpected ')'

Posted 8 months ago by Danieloplata

Hi guys, following the build forum with TDD videos and I'm getting the following error when running the ParticipateInForumTest

1) Tests\Feature\ParticipateInForumTest::an_authenticated_user_can_reply_to_threads
Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError: syntax error, unexpected ')'

I've added which line is line 26 in my code below - it doesn't look incorrect to me, so I'm assuming we're getting this unexpected ) from somewhere else.

class ParticipateInForumTest extends TestCase
    use RefreshDatabase;

    /** @test */
    public function an_authenticated_user_can_reply_to_threads()
        // Create a user and sign them in
        $this->be($user = factory('App\User')->create());

        // Create a thread
        $thread = factory('App\Thread')->create();

        // Create a reply
        $reply = factory('App\Reply')->create();

        // Post the reply (below is line 26)
        $this->post('/threads/' . $thread->id . '/replies', $reply->toArray());
        // Assert that it worked

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