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Posted 11 months ago by deansatch

I have a few tasks that need to be constantly checked e.g. has account expired, is invoice due etc... and each task does something like 'find accounts that have past expiry date, loop through and send email to each user'

I have set these up in console/Kernel.php as:

$schedule->call('App\[email protected]')->everyMinute();
$schedule->call('App\[email protected]')->everyMinute();

If I run the command artisan schedule:run in terminal it works as expected. If I wait for another account to expire, type it again it runs.

Likewise if I set the command in supervisor I see it run and work as expected but then it exits and never runs again. I get an "Exited too quickly" error...sometimes it says FATAL, sometimes BACKOFF.

Supervisor conf file command:

command=php /var/www/mysite/artisan schedule:run

a) should I be using a different method? I see there are queues :work, :listen etc... but not really sure what the differences are between all these.

b) if I'm using correct method, how do I get it to run my schedules every minute?

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