1 year ago

SSH into server using server-IP and run commands

Posted 1 year ago by Rainieren

Hello, I've been trying to get something done for a long while now with no success, I'm trying to SSH into a server using an IP of a server that was created and run commands on that specific server.

I have a system where droplets(servers) get created. After a while, I receive the IP of this server and I somehow need to manage to connect to these servers and run commands. My try was to do something like this

$droplet = Droplet::where("webshop_id", "=", $id)->get();

           'cd var/home',

But that doesn't work. How can I make this work? I've looked on https://laravelcollective.com/docs/5.4/ssh but I can't find my solution there.

The IP varies per created server so using remote.php is not an option except if it can be changed dynamically

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