3 months ago

Squareboat/sneaker does not send any emails

Posted 3 months ago by Danaq

Hi there,

my laravel 5.8 application will run on cli later. So, I found a packes which catches all exceptions and sends them per mail. I found https://packagist.org/packages/squareboat/sneaker Unfortunately, I don't receive any mails from this package.

While the manual execution of

Illuminate\Support\Facades\Mail::send(new Mailer($data));

works fine (using smtp), but using the same approach in the package for testing purposes, does not change anything. The package originally includes


and calls the process via:

$this->mailer->to($recipients)->send(new ExceptionMailer($subject, $body));

The testing command says everything works fine for the package besides I'm not getting any emails even at this point.

Even changing the MAIL_DRIVER in env-file to "log" does not help to see a message.

I'm not familiar in using contracts or facades nor building packages. I was just trying to debug this mailing functionality.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks very much!

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