1 year ago

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2031 (SQL: select * from `tranxav_discovered_problems` where (`categoryID` = ? and `transmission_ID` is null))

Posted 1 year ago by icelander

hi. I intend getting a result from the database and render it on the view. I want to get from the table 'discovered problems' all data based on the criteria listed. below is my controller for that

 $cartransmission = Session::get('transmits');
 $category = tranxavcategory::all();
 $catid = tranxavcategory::all()->where('id',$cat);
 $condition = array('categoryID' => $catid, 'transmission_ID' => $cartransmission);
 $products =  DiscoveredProblem::where($condition)->get();


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