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Posted 7 months ago by elliotk


I am hoping for some help and advice on sorting. I have a Category page which lists out Products which I paginate.

    public function view(Category $category)
        $products = $category->products()->enabled()->with('media')->paginate(12);
        return view('shop.category.index', compact('category','products'));

I now want to provide the option to sort the products on the category page.

Product->Name (A-z) Product->Name (Z-a) Product->Price (Low-High) Product->Price (High-Low)

What is the best way of accomplishing this? I'd considered a drop down box, wrapped by a form, which posts to the server, however I don't want any warnings about resubmitting if the user doesn't navigate properly.

I guess something like mysite.com/laptops?page=2&sort=price&price=asc would be ideal.

Any pointers how to do this in my route, controller and blade?


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