2 months ago

Socialite: Logging in without actually redirecting to social site - possible?

Posted 2 months ago by thebigk

My login solution shows an overlay to the guest and asks them if they want to login with social media. If the user clicks on Login with Google button, they get redirected to Google's sign-in page, and login if they aren't already logged-in to Google. Google then redirects them back to the site as authenticated user and the user begins a session on my site.

I'm wondering if it's possible to show the social site's login window right on my site (as an overlay / pop-up) so that the user never leaves my site?

I've seen this working on some site; but can't remember which one.

I'm using socialite to handle social logins and wondering if such solution is possible with it.

PS: I support Google, Facebook and LinkedIn logins.

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