3 years ago

Sidebar feed

Posted 3 years ago by jbowman99

I have a side bar that has "featured listings" from my database. Currently it displays all and runs down the side of the view, I would like to turn this into a scrolling feed that takes up about half the space instead of just running down the page.

<div class="featured-jobs-list">

    <h2 class="featured-jobs-header">Featured Jobs</h2>

    @foreach($flistings as $listing)
        <a href="{!! $listing->getUrl() !!}" class="featured-jobs-list-item">
            <h3>{!! $listing->title !!}</h3>
            <p>{!! \App\Employer::find($listing->employer_id)->name !!} <br />
                {!! \App\Job::$locations[$listing->location] !!}, IL <span class="featured-job-date">{!! $listing->start_date !!}</span></p>

</div> <!-- end featured-jobs-list -->

Can I wrap this in javascript to perform that kind of feature?


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