10 months ago

Sharing Users between multiple Laravel projects

Posted 10 months ago by JamesPavett


Me and a colleague are making a couple of applications that are going to use a Laravel backend API with front-end Vue application. The applications aren't really linked heavily enough to be part of the same project.

We want to share User accounts between the applications, which will probably grow to incorporate new projects in the future. However I am finding a lot of conflicting advice online with how to handle this.

Some people are saying to do it via a composer package (If I am understanding correctly), while we were wondering if we could just have a third Laravel project which just acts an an API which servers the users. Though I am not sure if we would have any issues with the Passport API tokens if taking the second approach.

Are there any standard approaches / supporting documentation for how to accomplish this? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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