3 years ago

Shared Database between 2 Applications

Posted 3 years ago by toneee

Hi All,

As always after a bit of advice, I have been developing an application for a couple of months now and have started to come to the realization that maybe I should separate it into two different applications.

I think splitting it out will have a number of benefits

  • Faster time to getting something live.
  • Keeping application logic in each application.
  • Maintenance will become easier as I can work on and update/upgrade each individual application rather than entire application downtime.
  • I can potentially farm out development of one of the applications.
  • If one part of the application becomes more successful I can phase the other part out without having to refactor a lot of code.

The one questions I have is around database access, for example there will be one table that will need to be accessed from each application. Read/Write in one application and only Read on the other. Is this shared access possible with Laravel?

From an infrastructure point of view I know I can do this by replicating the data in MySQL, but this is a little clunky.

Any advise would be useful! Thanks!

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