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Settings global helper

Posted 4 days ago by packy

I am following the guide here: but keep getting the error Target [App\Settings] is not instantiable. Not sure what is causing this. I have got it to work using directly in a controller like $settings = Valuestore::make(storage_path('app/settings.json')); but I need a global solution.



namespace App;

use Spatie\Valuestore\Valuestore;

class Settings extends Valuestore



function settings($key = null, $default = null)
    if ($key === null) {
        return app(App\Settings::class);

    return app(App\Settings::class)->get($key, $default);

in AppServiceProvider

 public function register()
        $this->app->singleton(Settings::class, function () {
            return Settings::make(storage_path('app/settings.json'));

in View

{{ settings('facebook_url') }}

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