2 months ago

session issues: 419 error after signing in

Posted 2 months ago by mnkous

Hi all,

I've been developing with laravel for quite some time now, but have stumbled upon a problem I'm not able to solve. A previous discussion has the exact same problem, without a solution though:

The application is running smoothly on production, just not locally. It' a laravel 5.8.35 (previously upgraded from 5.1) application running on PHP 7.4.4 (also tried 7.3.12)

Like the previous discussion:

  • Cloned project from: git clone ...
  • Install vendors directory (dependencies)‚Ä®composer update --no-scripts
  • added env file
  • Setup the Key: php artisan key:generate:
  • Run the application with (tried both):
    • php artisan serve
    • dockerized with php-fpm and nginx

The application works, but when I try to login, I get the following message:

419 Sorry, your session has expired. Please refresh and try again.

For debugging purposes: disabling the csrf token will not lead to successful sign in, just reloading of page, so problem must be with the session / session driver, not with the csrf token.

session driver is file, but have tried array as well. session lifetime is 120

creating session variables is possible:

session([ 'somekey' => '-- session value --']);
$value = session('somekey');
return view('auth.login', compact('value'));

and the file in /storage/framework/sessions is created with the sessions variable written to it. file permissions do not seem the problem.

  • running php artisan cache:clear, php artisan config:clear does not solve the problem
  • trying in a different browser because of reluctant cache does not solve the problem

appreciate any help, this has been driving me mad for the last couple of days!

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