SendEmailVerificationNotification to a dynamic email

Posted 1 month ago by Chron

For example, admin makes an account for [email protected], [email protected] now receives a verification message to use the application.

$admin = $account->admin()->create([
        'firstname' => $request['firstname'],
        'middlename' => $request['middlename'],
        'lastname' => $request['lastname'],
        'extension_name' => $request['extension_name'],
        'date_of_birth' => $request['date_of_birth'],
        'address' => $request['address'],
        'contact_number' => $request['contact_number'],
$admin->account()->update(['password' => generatedPassword()]);
$request['email']->sendEmailVerificationNotification(); //assuming the email has been filtered and validated.

But I think it doesn't work, I didn't received any emails.

Here's my logic.

The 1st user creates another user, so if the 1st user inputs email, for example, '[email protected]', the user that owns that email will get an email verification to use the app.

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