Send data from Blade form view to external POST

Posted 10 months ago by ThinkingMan

I am creating a simple donation form for my local church and have decided to integrate to Payeezy. So essentially church members will go to the church profile page, fill in their name, address and the amount they want to donate. This can send via POST to the Payeezy hosted page. (Sample code here

I have this working in a non-Laravel HTML form. I think my problem is something with routing as I cannot pass the form field data to the First Data hosted page. It doesnt know the value that I entered on the form. I have hard coded all fields except the $x_amount listed below. This amount is filled in on the Church Profile Laravel Blade form then I call the route to the Payeezy POST form and am trying to pass the amount over. But the amount never passes. It just comes back with the error and the variable id.

So what am I doing wrong in trying to send via the POST? Since this is not posting in my application I wasnt using the POST methods in Laravel, just trying to hand over to the Payeezy page.

$x_login = "HARD CODED FOR NOW"; // Take from Payment Page ID in Payment Pages interface
$transaction_key = "HARD CODED FOR NOW"; // Take from Payment Pages configuration interface
$x_amount = $_POST["x_amount"];
$x_currency_code = "USD"; // Needs to agree with the currency of the payment page
$x_recurring_billing = "TRUE";
$x_recurring_billing_id = "HARD CODED FOR NOW";
$x_recurring_billing_amount = "HARD CODED FOR NOW";
$x_recurring_billing_start_date = "HARD CODED FOR NOW";
$x_recurring_billing_end_date = "HARD CODED FOR NOW";
srand(time()); // initialize random generator for x_fp_sequence
$x_fp_sequence = rand(1000, 100000) + 123456;
$x_fp_timestamp = time(); // needs to be in UTC. Make sure webserver produces UTC

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