5 months ago

How to generate fake data and seed using faker.

Posted 5 months ago by Ved21212

Hello team, I am trying to generate some fake data for my project: customer - 150 products - 100 orders (status = “delivered” or “on the way”) I can create fake data without relation but how can i create fake data as follows:

customers:customer_id(Primary Key), name, email

product : product_id(Primary Key), product_name, price

order_detail_table : order_detail_id(Primary Key),order_id(Foreign Key), product_id(Foreign Key), customer_id (Foreign Key), quantity

order_table : order_id, invoice_number(random), order_detail_id(Foreign Key),customer_id(Foreign Key), status(“delivered” or “on the way”))

Can you suggest me how can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.

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