That's different case! I guess he just needs an .htacces s file. By the way Laravel could provide that too :p (just kidding)

3 months ago (245,870 XP)

Well if all laravel uses had to go through a four year apprenticeship program like an electrician and have to legally be a jouneyman programmer first that would more than solve the problem, there case closed.

Even carpentry has a four year apprenticeship program, so does brick and block Masons, sheet metal mechanics Etc.

Thankfully aircraft mechanics have to go through a lot of training and pass test.

So newbies learn some stuff first geez.

And like @Cronix said

Like this guy who I told about it 2 days ago and still hasn't fixed it:

I can't really have sympathy for someone who is warned about security and doesn't even bother fixing it. But I am concerned about the Developers poor users who's private data might be at risk.


Accidents happens, conseguences cannot be reversed.

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