7 months ago

Scout toSearchableArray doesn't get relations when save from Nova

Posted 7 months ago by msassa

I have a model, with some relations. One is a belongsTo, and I'm adding some information from this relation to the toSearchableArray to indexed in Algolia. The main model is something like this:

class Car extends Model
    use Searchable;

    public function toSearchableArray()
        $searchableCar = array_only(
            ['id', 'title', 'url', 'active', 'vin', 'stock', 'bodyStyle', 'certifiedPreowned', 'color', 'diff', 'engine', 'kilometer', 'miles', 'make', 'model', 'price', 'year']

        $searchableCar['import'] = $this->import->name;

        return $searchableCar;

    public function import()
        return $this->belongsTo(Import::class);

And when I create a new model from Nova, I get an error saying ErrorException: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object like the relation doesn't exist yet.

I make a dump of the model in the saved event, and the import is null ?‍♂️

I fix this overwriting the method:

public function queueMakeSearchable($models)
        if ($models->isEmpty()) {


        if (!config('scout.queue')) {
            return $models->first()->searchableUsing()->update($models);

        dispatch((new MakeSearchable($models))

and manually loading the relation and it works ... but doesn't feel ok

Someone has deal with this problem?

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