Save toggle data into db

Posted 4 months ago by esorone


I'm struggling with saving my toggle data into the database.

I tried numerous options, but no did work

current try. In my view:

                               {{ Form::checkbox('feedbackboolean', 1) }}Ja
                               {{ Form::checkbox('feedbackboolean', 0) }}Nee

Seconds Try: Just a toggle button

<input type="checkbox" name="feedbackboolean" checked data-toggle="toggle" data-on="1" data-off="0">

In my controller:

        $post->feedbackboolean = $request->get('feedbackboolean');


      $post->kennisbankboolean = $request->get('kennisbankboolean', 0);


        $post->feedbackboolean = $request->feedbackboolean;

But unfortunately they did not work. The samples above , are just a sample which I all found online. So somewhere Im misinterpret the solution

The rest of the post form is stored in the database and works as it should be.

What am I missing here.

As always, thanks in advanced.

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