RSA client side private key stored in local storage webbrowser

Posted 4 months ago by mikevador02


I looking for a solution that : Server side use pulbic key to encrypt all data , that i input to mysql db with public key from form that client input.

I think i must use DB:Test ( insert ... field1 VALUE (encryt(public key, type of crypto, "value to encrypt) ) ...

When i want to show content of my webpages the form are decrypted from client side with his private key on the fly (private key are stored in local storage of webbrowser) and used to decrypt data displayed by the webpage.

Get private key from client side (if not stored in local cache webbrowser ) input ask to put the private key inside local cache of webbrowser)

After when the page is loaded

echo .. javascript .... DB:Test (select...... field1 decrypt (private key from local cache , type crypto, field1)

How i can to do it?

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