Route model binding for 2 routes does not work as expected

Posted 8 months ago by srasch

In my routes file I have 2 different 1st level definitions for different models like this (in this order):

Route::get('{category}', 'User\CategoryController')->where('category', '.+')->name('category');
Route::get('{item}','User\ItemController')->where('item', '.+')->name('item');

In my RouteServiceProvider.php I used the concept of explicit model binding (also in this order):

Route::model('item', \App\Item::class);
Route::model('category', \App\Category::class);

Both, the Categorymodel and the Itemmodel have a modified route key name which is just a simple slug in this case.

When opening different category urls in the browser, everything works fine. But on opening the item urls I get a 404page and the debug bar says that Laravel tries to query the Categorymodel.

Hope you guys can help me.

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