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Return a large XML dataset via api

Posted 7 months ago by eokorieFA

Hi guys,

I have a bit of an issue I hope someone can help me with. I am currently trying to return a large xml dataset created from a database query via an api response. Roughly about 26000 records.

Biggest issue I am having at the moment is the fact that the date while the query takes about a 1 or 2 seconds to run, returning the xml response takes forever to return any data. On first load, seems to take up to 4 minutes to return a response.

The below shows an example of he code that I am using. In an attempt to speed up the response times, I cached the xml response in redis. However, I am finding that this is actually making no difference. Even when cached, I am still waiting for about 3 minutes.

$records = \Cache::remember('fa-products-family', 60, function() {
            $xml = new SimpleXMLElement('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><ProductFamily/>');
            $records = DB::table('products')
                    'products.nav_id as PF_ID',
                    'products.title as Name',
                    DB::raw('products.long_description as ShortDesc'),
                    DB::raw('products.short_description as LongDesc'),
                    DB::raw('CONCAT("STYLE==",product_groups.name) as Attributes'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as Manufacturer'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as keywords'),
                    DB::raw('"Colour" as Option1'),
                    DB::raw('"Size" as Option2'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as Option3'),
                    'style_code as StyleCode',
                    DB::raw('0 as ReducedPrice'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as Offer'),
                    DB::raw('products.status as Status'),
                    DB::raw('1 as ShowInThisList'),
                    DB::raw('product_web_categories.code as WebCategoryID'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebCategoryIDSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt1CategoryID'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt1CategoryIDSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt2CategoryID'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt2CategoryIDSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt3CategoryID'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt3CategoryIDSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt4CategoryID'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebAlt4CategoryIDSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as WebBrandSequence'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as ColourCode'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as ModelWears'),
                    DB::raw('NULL as ModelHeight'),
                    DB::raw('0 as HideBuyButton'),
                ->leftJoin('product_variants', 'product_variants.product_id', '=', 'products.id')
                ->leftJoin('product_variant_prices', 'product_variant_prices.variant_id', '=', 'product_variants.id')
                ->leftJoin('product_groups', 'product_groups.id', '=', 'products.group_id')
                ->leftJoin('product_web_categories', 'product_web_categories.id', '=', 'products.web_category_id')
                ->leftJoin('product_colours', 'product_colours.id', '=', 'products.colour_id')
                ->leftJoin('product_brands', 'product_brands.id', '=', 'products.brand_id')
                ->leftJoin('product_genders', 'product_genders.id', '=', 'products.gender_id')
                ->each(function($sku) {
                   yield $sku;

            $records->each(function ($sku) use ($xml) {
                $stockKeeping = $xml->addChild('item');
                foreach ($sku as $key => $value) {
                    $stockKeeping->addChild($key, htmlspecialchars($value));

            return $xml->asXML();

        return response($records)->header('Content-Type', 'text/xml');

So just wondering if anyone has good ideas or know what I can improve with the above code to improve the data return speed.


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