4 months ago

Resent the verification code after amount of time

Posted 4 months ago by mmghunaim

So here is the problem, I want to give chance to resend the verification code up to 3 times, after the third chance the user also can resent the code but after an amount of time, let’s say 10 mins.

I tried with this code, but it does not work

$user = auth()->user();

if ($user->codes()->count() < 3) {
    return response('done');

if ($user->is_exceed) {
    $user->exceed_time = Carbon::parse(Carbon::now()->toDateTimeString())->format(‘I’);
    $user->is_exceed = false;

$time_difference = abs($user->exceed_time - Carbon::parse(Carbon::now()->toDateTimeString())->format(‘I’))
if ($time_difference >= 10) {
    Code::where('user_id', $user->id)->delete();

return response(‘try after 10 mins’);

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