1 year ago

$request->getContent() is empty

Posted 1 year ago by RossUK

I am trying to inspect the structure of an incoming webhook by capturing the incoming post request to a text file.

here is my api route

Route::post('/callstatus/webhook', '[email protected]');

and here is my controller method

    public function updateStatus(Request $request)

        file_put_contents('temp-log.txt', $request->getContent()->all());

if I make a post request using postman i can access individual post variables by name eg. $request->myField but not the whole request. Am I missing something? :)

I am hoping to see something like the following in my text file

    "sid": "SM1f0e8ae6ade43cb3c0ce4525424e404f",
    "date_created": "Fri, 13 Aug 2010 01:16:24 +0000",

I have checked the file is writeable and can write individual values to it.

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