Relationship not returning fields

Posted 2 years ago by madsynn

Hello everyone, Hope you can help me.

Windows 10 / Homestead Laravel 5.1

I have a ecommerce project i am building and here is my problem.

I have the following tables:

  1. products
 Schema::create('products', function (Blueprint $table)
            $table->string('manufacturer')->default('The Grace Company');

            $table->string('lang', 255);
  1. prices
    Schema::create('prices', function (Blueprint $table)
            $table->decimal('price', 11, 2)->default('0.00');
            $table->string('model', 12)->nullable();
            $table->string('sku', 12)->default('000000');
            $table->string('upc', 13)->default('000000');
            $table->engine = 'InnoDB';


I have the following relationships product.php

    public function productPrice() {      return $this->hasMany(Price::class);    }


 public function product()    {        return $this->BelongsToMany(Product::class);    }

My problem is i cannot get my pricing to store to the alternate table pricing here is my controller store function.

public function store(Request $request) {
$this->validate($request, [
'name' => 'required',
$dest = 'testing/';
$name  = str_random(4) . '_' . $request->file('thumbnail')->getClientOriginalName();
$request->file('thumbnail')->move($dest, $name);
$product = $request->all();
$product['thumbnail'] = '/' . $dest . $name;
$product = Product::create($product);

if ($request->has('productPrices')) {
foreach ($request->productPrices as $price){
if (!empty($price['price'])){
$price = Price::create($request->all());

foreach ($request->categories as $category_id)
            CategoryProduct::create(['category_id' => $category_id, 'product_id' => $product->id]);

FlashAlert()->success('Success!', 'The Product Was Successfully Added');

        return \Redirect(getLang() . '/admin/products');

I can store the product just fine but i cannot get it to store the product pricing table data.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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