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Register dynamic model events from static trait boot method.

Posted 1 year ago by sustained

In episode 25 of Let's Build a Forum with TDD we start working on adding an activity feed.

After we get our tests passing, we extract the code to a trait which we can use in all of our models.

The trait looks something like this:


namespace App;

trait RecordsActivity
    protected static function bootRecordsActivity()
        static::created(function ($model) {

    public function activities()
        return $this->morphMany(Activity::class, 'subject');

    public function record($eventName)
            'action' => $eventName,
            'user_id' => auth()->id(),
            'subject_id' => $this->id,
            'subject_type' => get_class($this)

Now I figured I could take this slightly further so first I added this to my Thread model:

    protected static $activities = [

Next I modify bootRecordsActivity:

    protected static function bootRecordsActivity()
        foreach (static::$activities as $eventName) {
            static::$eventName(function ($model) {

But this doesn't work as expected.

It's looking for a static::$eventName property in the Thread model but I instead want to call a static method (static::created) dynamically. I then tried static::{$eventName} but no dice.

Is there a clean way to achieve this? I'm pretty new to PHP (well, it's been many years).

I tried googling and attempted some stuff with get_called_class and such but didn't have any luck.


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