Referencing a variable within a controller is not recognized

Posted 9 months ago by WallyJ

If I have relationships set up for the following: Contacts have ContactNotes Contacts have Deals Deals have Tasks

public function show($id)
        $contacts = Contact::find($id);
        $contactnotes = Contactnote::orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->where('contact_id', '=', $contacts->id)->get();
        $deals = Deal::where('contact_id', '=', $contacts->id)->get();
        $tasks = Task::where('deal_id', '=', $deals->id);
        // Check for correct user
        if(auth()->user()->id !== $contacts->user_id){
            return redirect('/contacts')->with('error', 'That Is Not Your Contact');
        return view('contacts.show')
        ->with('contact', $contacts)
        ->with('contactnotes', $contactnotes)
        ->with('deals', $deals)
        ->with('tasks', $tasks);

I am getting an error "Property [id] does not exist on this collection instance." because I am obviously doing something wrong in the "$tasks=" line.

I am making things a little difficult here because the contact view (show) pulls in the contact info, the contact notes, and then includes deals.index, which brings in the task info.

I tried to simply reference $tasks in the DealsController, but I'm thinking that since the Contacts view is the primary view being called, all variables have to be defined within that controller function. Am I right about that?

Or can you include a file, and it's part of it's own controller will be called?

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