Refactoring objects using Laravel Collections fails

Posted 1 year ago by eddieace

What I try to do is that I need to return an array with key-value pairs from an array of objects.

From an api I get objects that looks something like this.

    array:8 [▼
      0 => TargetingSearch {#229 ▼
        #data: array:6 [▼
          "id" => "6005609368513"
          "name" => "Software"
          "audience_size" => 565991450
          "path" => array:4 [▶]
          "description" => ""
          "topic" => "Technology"
        #_type_checker: TypeChecker {#228 ▶}

The simple way to do it is to loop through the objects and push the values into an array.

      $codes = [];
      foreach($objects as $object) {
          $codes[] = [
            'id' => $object->id,
            'name' => $object->name,

Which will return this that is exactly what I need.

    ['id' => 321, 'name' => "item1"],
    ['id' => 321, 'name' => "item1"],
    ['id' => 321, 'name' => "item1"],

I think that this is a little hard to manage and what I try to do is something a little more readable.

For example, by using the Laravel collection classes I could do something like this.

$codes = collect($objects)->pluck('id', 'name')->toArray();

The problem here is that this does not return the keys.

    ["item1" => "123"],
    ["item2" => "321"],
    ["item3" => "213"],

If I use

$codes = collect($objects)->only('id', 'name')->toArray(); 

It returns an empty array because the object itself is messing it all up.

anyone knows how to solve this?

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