Redis in Laravel - password protection

Posted 1 year ago by jeffz2016

I am unsure - despite reading - what is a proper handling of Redis security in Laravel.

I know, that I can set password for Redis using redis-cli:

redis-cli config set requirepass some-password-here

I know, I can set password directly in Redis own redis.conf file using directive requirepass.

I know, that if I use Redis directly, e.g. using redis-cli and when I have password set, I have to pass that password, e.g.:

redis-cli -a some-password-here get name

I know these things, but when it comes to Laravel, I am a bit confused.

If I set Redis password in :

  1. Redis redis.conf file
  2. and I inform Laravel framework about this password by setting .env REDIS_PASSWORD

Does that mean, that Laravel will use that password to automatically protect Redis powered Laravel:

  • echo (broadcasting)
  • queues
  • sessions
  • cache
  • database

I would appreciate some info on this one, or pointer to some online article explaining that.

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