2 years ago

Redirect user to a route after registration

Posted 2 years ago by nickgraffis

I have this in my RegisterController

 * Where to redirect users after registration.
 * @var string
protected $redirectToRoute = 'example';

The route does not send the user to '/home', but for some reason it is still being sent there.

How do I send a user to a route after registration.

The route sends to these functions:

public function example () { $id = Auth::user()->id;

    return redirect()->route('createCustomer', ['id' => $id]);

public function createCustomer ($id)
    $user = User::find($id);

    $stirpe_id = $user->stripe;

    if(! isset($stripe_id)) {

    $customer = Customer::create(array(
    "description" => $user->name,
    "email" => $user->email,

    $user->stripe = $customer->id;


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