RecordExists middleware in controller

Posted 1 year ago by itstrueimryan

Defined a resource route with:

Route::resource('organizations', 'OrganizationController');

Now I'm trying to use the record_exists middleware in the constructor of my resource controller, a la:

public function __construct()
    $this->middleware('record_exists:App\Model\Organization', ['only' => ['edit']]);

But it results in a 404. If we look at the handle method of RecordExists:

if ($model::find($request->id) === null) {

We can see it checks for the request id, which is null when I define this middleware in the constructor, even though the url is something like /organizations/12/edit. Is there any way to ensure that $request->id is passed, or do I have to define every edit route explicitly in my web.php file (using the middle in the route itself works)?

Route::resource('organizations', 'OrganizationController')->middleware('superadmin');
Route::get('organizations/{id}/edit', '[email protected]')->middleware( 'record_exists:App\Models\Organization');

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