3 years ago

"Real world" example of CRUD w/ Laravel & Vue (non SPA)

Posted 3 years ago by see_kay

"Real world" example of CRUD w/ Laravel & Vue (non SPA)


I've been learning Laravel these last few weeks and making progress. Then I started to look into using Vue to offer a better user experience (instant feedback, remote validation etc) but then am stuck for the last few days.

I'm just trying to build a standard business/project management application with the usual projects/messaging/tasks/users-roles-permissions etc. I've integrated Zizaco/Entrust and it works perfectly. I was hoping to find a real world example where laravel is used to render the (blade) view but then Vue is used within for a richer experience within. I did find a lot of SPAs (Vuedo, ) but I'd like to avoid that approach in this case.

At this point, I'm really confused about how to hand off & manage data between laravel and vue for standard operations i.e. project list w/ pagination, CRUD w/ validation etc. How does the controller pass data if it can't be json as the blade view needs to be rendered? How is the data handed off for two way binding (e.g. if I needed to filter the project list)?

I've spent days, and am now more confused than ever! If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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