Products available for given products setting

Posted 1 year ago by kordix

I am making a door configurator. I have seperate tables with door models and handles. Every door model has other handles available to choose.

E.g. doors number 5 has only available to choose handles number 3,4, and 7.

Have you got idea how to write such settings in SQL?

First thing I miss is array datatype in SQL to store that data.

Other thing is that really seems not to be that difficult but I need some... X ingredient that will rig this up. I was thinking about many to many relationship, but maybe i don't need any? Maybe handles table should have a door_models column where available doors are seperated by comma? But I dont know how te prepare a select form basing on that setting.

At first glance I thought this will be really easy, but i really don't know how to "bite" that thing

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