2 years ago

Problems with bootstrap

Posted 2 years ago by kgp43


I got problems with bootstrap. The JS part is not imported into my template (or so it seems.)

Seems css is imported just fine (boostrap), as I can do 'class="btn btn-primary"' and the styling works just fine. However, my menu are not working (using default bootstrap one).

This is the end of my app.js file:


 * First we will load all of this project's JavaScript dependencies which
 * includes Vue and other libraries. It is a great starting point when
 * building robust, powerful web applications using Vue and Laravel.


window.Vue = require('vue');

 * Next, we will create a fresh Vue application instance and attach it to
 * the page. Then, you may begin adding components to this application
 * or customize the JavaScript scaffolding to fit your unique needs.

Vue.component('example', require('./components/Example.vue'));

const app = new Vue({
    el: '#app'

Looks like the bootstrap is not imported?

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