4 years ago

Problem with Laravel 5.1 Composer Install

Posted 4 years ago by sandygajera

Hi, When i Create Project In Laravel 5.1 using cmd at that time it give me error: Error: This package Requires php >= 5.5.9 but you php version (5.4.7) does not satisfy that requirement..

But when i check my php version in phpinfo() it give me version : PHP Version : 5.5.12 and another thing is when i copy laravel 5.1 folder that create on another pc then it run well in my pc and i also try in two software 1) wamp server 2) laragon in both software when i create project in laravel 5.1 it give me same above error and process not complete for install. Any one Know about this problem then Plz Give me Answer....

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