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I'm currently working on a project where I offer the user an interface to create/edit email templates. I've built a markdown editor for this and would like to show a live preview of the email itself. First thought was to use masked.js but then I realized I wanted to use the same css as for the actual email (which was fine).

But then it hit me that I was replicating the email template in JS that I already had blade-files for.

So now I'm currently doing an async js request to get a preview based on the entered content. However - I can't find a way to actually render the proper email content based on the template.

Made som progress but I'm stuck at:

No hint path defined for [mail]

In the email template I've created I'm trying to use the markdown components by calling, for example, @component('mail::layout').

Due to the fact that the markdown support in emails (in Laravel) is so new I can't find that many information about this.


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